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Stepper Motor & Drivers

DM542 & DM556 Driver

DM556 / DM542 digital low-voltage stepper motor drive, using the latest 32-bit DSP technology, suitable for driving 57,86 series motor, with ...

Base price:

PWM DC Speed Controller

PWM controller for DC motors, HHO generators, LED dimmer and other where PWM modulation can be applied. All PWM controllers in this group have LED ...

Base price:

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors from 17 to 34 NEMA Size and from 0.26 Nm to 13 Nm Torque. VALLDER offers a reliable and inexpensive solution for stepper motors for ...

Base price:

NEMA23 Motor Holder

This coated steel bracket lets you securely mount typical NEMA 23-size stepper motors to your project. The bracket features two slots for various ...

Base price: 208,33 Дин.
Total: 250,00 Дин.

Mach3 5-Axis Board

The latest upgraded 5 axis breakout board is specially designed for the CNC stepper / servo driver-controller, such as M542, M542H, ...

Base price: 510,00 Дин.
Total: 612,00 Дин.

TB67S Stepper Driver

TB67S 4A Single Axis MicroStepping Stepper Motor Driver Controller based on Toshiba TB67S109AFTG Chip. TB67S109AFTG is 2nd generation PWM ...

Base price: 771,66 Дин.
Total: 925,99 Дин.

USB MACH3 4 Axis Controller

This 4 Axis CNC USB Controller is designed to be used for notebook and tablets, simple configuration and compatibility. It can be used to control ...

Base price: 2458,33 Дин.
Total: 2950,00 Дин.

Servo Stepper 2.2 Nm

CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Servo Drive 4A 16~70VDC Matching 56mm NEMA23 motor HBS57 Leadshine Based on latest DSP technology and adopting ...

Base price: 10000,00 Дин.
Total: 12000,00 Дин.

Servo Stepper 8.5 Nm

CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Servo Drive 8A 30~100VDC Matching 86mm NEMA34 motor HBS86H Leadshine Based on latest DSP technology and adopting ...

Base price: 13700,00 Дин.
Total: 16440,00 Дин.

Servo Stepper 12.5 Nm

ZDM-2HA865 is a new generation DSP digital step closed - loop driver using advanced vector closed loop control technology, the traditional open loop ...

Base price: 16666,66 Дин.
Total: 19999,99 Дин.
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