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CNC Plasma & Gas

CNC Plasma Cutter

Portable CNC Plasma/Gas cutting machine is compact, economical,ready to use and can cut material of any size. Automated functions and a ...

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting Nozzle

Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch can be used for Acetylene and Propane cutting but with different cutting nozzle, for Propane cutting is used G03 nozzle and ...

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LGK Plasma Cutter

Famous China brand HUAYUAN Inverter DC Plasma cutter LGK-63/ 100/ 120/ 160/ 200/ 300/ 400IGBT series. HUAYUAN LGK Plasma cutter is the most famous ...

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P80 Plasma CNC Torch

Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 100A . Can be used for LGK-63IGBT and LGK-100IGBT or any other type of plasma up to 100A cutting current. Plasma ...

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YK100 Plasma CNC Torch

Original YIKUAI YK100 Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 120A plasma cutting . Can be used for LGK-100IGBT and LGK-120IGBT or any other type of plasma up ...

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Compact THC

Very popular compact THC plasma controller. Easy to connect, use and manage. Can be used to work with CNC control systems that support THC up / down ...

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch

Straight Strip Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch is specially made for mounting on portable CNC plasma / Oxy fuel cutter. Can be used for Acetylene and Propane ...

Base price: 11666,66 Дин.
Total: 13999,99 Дин.

Z-Axis Torch Lifter

The flame/plasma cutting machine Z-axis torch lifter is driven by DC gear motor to lift the torch up & down.

Base price: 19750,00 Дин.
Total: 23700,00 Дин.

Plasma THC HP105

CNC Plasma THC Controller, HP105 plasma arc voltage height controller will constantly measuring the voltage change and will keep a constant distance ...

Base price: 22656,66 Дин.
Total: 27187,99 Дин.

F2100B Plasma CNC

F2100B 2 Axis CNC Controller for CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Laser or Flame Cutter. User can choose one of following languages from language menu: ...

Base price: 32916,66 Дин.
Total: 39499,99 Дин.
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